online coombs test, rh incompatibility


online coombs test, rh incompatibility

online coombs test, Your lover, your partner or friend to learn your blood adaptation is very easy! Mr order to use the blood incompatibility test we have developed for you and you know the lady's blood enough.Rh blood incompatibility arises from a mismatch between the couples.Blood incompatibility of couples who do not need to fall into panic.Blood incompatibility that couples can have children.However, couples who should undergo blood incompatibility of anti-D in the first 28 weeks of pregnancy needle.Direct Coombs Test (Direct antiglobulin test-DAT) is used to determine the cause of hemolytic anemia. This anemia erythrocytes quickly, before newer ones are not depending on the antibody contained in them. Antibodies against their own red blood cell antigens (autoantibodies) in forming people associated with hemolytic anemia otoimmüniteyl caused by this phenomenon may occur. Autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus Examples include systemic lupuz erythematosus, malignant diseases such as lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Mycoplasma pneumonia and other infectious mononucleosis counted. Autoantibodies also can occur in people taking certain medications such as penicillin. (18-02-2019)

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Direct Coombs Test Why is desired? 1. in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases: diagnosis when the desired antibodies against erythrocyte antigens occur. Autoimmune diseases, lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia and other similar diseases may occur this auto antibodies 2.Ann to the investigation of infant blood group incompatibility: the baby's father, can now be inherited antigens found on red blood cells of the mother. During pregnancy or baby's birth event that some cells of the placenta, leaving the mother passes into the bloodstream, on erythrocytes of maternal erythrocytes baby may be exposed to foreign antigens. Mothers can begin to create antibodies against these foreign RBC antigens. This is often the first baby is not unlike the later baby in the late placenta of the mother's antibodies to the baby's red blood cell adheres can cause hemolytic disease of the newborn have them hemolysis. Direct Coombs made in the case of a baby's blood test (DAT test) will determine the baby's maternal antibody that binds to erythrocytes. After the transplant 3rd ability: to create multiple times, especially those with antibodies to erythrocyte transfusion will be exposed to a greater number of red blood cell antigens are more likely. Are formed antibodies against erythrocyte antigens by direct Coombs test, and it will be understood that this antibody binds to erythrocytes transfused donor.

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